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Green GUava



- The Other Side

“Gorgeously expressive Latin soul”

- Lucy O'Brien


“Such a powerful, but restrained, gorgeously soulful vocal"

- Mark Toal, Fresh on the Net

‘Green Guava’ is the soundtrack to a decade of musical and amorous exploration: twelve love songs inspired by people and places that Holly went searching for herself in. It’s a celebration of life in all its colour - from the danceable, dizzy heights of tropical euphoria in tracks like ‘Hello Platonia’, with its infectious, driving clave, and joyful, cumbia ‘Canción Imparable’ - to the sad, slow bottom of the blues in jazz-infused ‘Never or Now’ and RnB track ‘H.I.M.’.


This album is a trip, a piece of tropical escapism from the grey London where it has its roots, and, while each song has it’s own musical identity, together they tell a coherent and intriguing story of self-discovery. 


The production of physical copies of 'Green Guava' was funded by Holly's fans through a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2020. Released in August 2020, this album is now available to buy in digital, CD and vinyl format from Holly's bandcamp shop, along with a range of limited edition merchandise. 

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