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Hello Friends!

Thank you!

Thanks so much for your interest in being a part of this project!

If, after watching this rambling video, you would like to get involved then please:


Enter your email address in the box below

Enter 'VIDEO' as the subject.


Once I receive your email I will send you a secret soundcloud link to my new song (not for sharing, I trust you!), along with a lyric sheet (you don't need to learn them to sing along but I think it's important you know what I'm saying).

Then... GO HAVE FUN with it.


The wilder the better, nothing ever looks 'too much' on camera, trust me! Please feel free to experiment with shots - just hands, feet, hips, face - you don't need to be in full shot all the time.


Hold your phone horizontally

Film in highest resolution

Make sure the background is plain - ideally a white wall


Please send back your footage no later than Friday 31st May.

Thank you!


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