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In 2016 I went to Colombia, I arrived in Bogotá with no plans and a few weeks later, having followed a chain of friends of friends of friends I found myself in an apartment in colourful Cartagena on the edge of the Atlantic ocean.


I was lucky enough to be staying with Cristhian Salazar Rivera, a talented bass player and composer, and one day he came running into my room, inspired. "I've got a melody in my head I need you to sing". He played some chords on an acoustic guitar and I sang over them, the words flowed out easily and improvised. It was almost as if the song existed in the ether and we tapped into it.

We recorded the full version a few weeks later with Mario Evans in his Cartagena studio, and recorded the footage for the video on a GoPro camera a friend had lent me to document my journey.

In Summer 2017 I returned to Colombia to do a mini promotional tour for the single and my EP Tropical Soul and we launched 'Agua Salá' with a concert at the Hard Rock Café.

This song is very special to me. It's a kind of testament to the power that music has to open doors into different worlds, to unite people across cultures. Everywhere I traveled in Colombia, new friends would reiterate that musicians are magicians. This song is a little bit of that magic.

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